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  Proudly serving Island and N. Snohomish Counties since 2005




Mobile pet grooming offers pet owners the unique service of a Certified All Breed Groomer who comes to you! A mobile grooming salon has been specifically designed to give your pet the personalized treatment that they would not experience if you left them alone at a grooming shop all day long. Kinder to your pets. No more leaving your pet in caged environments with other barking dogs and strangers all day, possibly exposing them to other animals that may be aggressive or carriers of parasites or illness. Extra care is always given for the elderly, handicapped or special needs animal to assure that they have a pleasant experience.



 Have you ever tried to wash your pets at home?
Put them in your car when they are dirty & stinky?
Does your pet cry, bark or howl endlessly when you leave them at the groomers?
Do you return to an animal that is worn out from anxiety from being in an unfamiliar environment?Do you or your pet suffer from separation anxiety?
Is your schedule just too Busy?
Are you or your pet mobility challenged?
Does your pet have certain behavioral issues that make traditional grooming more challenging?
Do you have large pets that are hard to transport?
Are there a large number of pets in your pack?
Your pet receives the one on one attention every pet deserves, especially yours!   I’m an experienced and gentle stylist who uses only high quality products. Our service is performed in a calm environment resulting in less stress to your pet. No longer will you have to compromise your time to drop off or pick up your pet on someone else’s schedule. After an initial meeting and consultation you can even arrange to have your pet groomed at home, while you’re at work. I come to you and your pet.


We are proud members of the following organizations:
CASA Supporter
NOAH supporter