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Here's what our customers are saying...

Chris and Patty Ellis

Jack-Jack and Jilly's parents

Camano Island Resident
Thank you so much for providing a service that is so appreciated!  Knowing that you love our dogs as we do, You said it best- 80% Love, 20% groom, We love you!! You are sooo Good at what you do, we enjoy your artistry for 2 months at a time.

Eve Gruss

Archie, Sami, Sparky, Emily & Snookums Mom
Camano Island Resident

 Moira fulfilled all of my service expectations. She was punctual, organized with a professional demeanor. She was clear and succinct in her communication and answered all my concerns, questions and grooming requests.Above all, my dogs were happy and relaxed and “looking pretty good”- to boot. I have and will continue to recommend her highly.

Geoff and Bev Davis

Oreo & Brute’s Dad & Mom
Camano Island Residents  

My dog hates to be groomed but he wag’s his tail when he sees Moira. That say’s a lot. We love Moira’s flexibility and the convenience of having her come here. Try it! You’ll love it and so will your pet! A very satisfied customer.


Randi Berger

Scooter, Rooney, Bumblebee and Hazel’s Mom
Camano Island Author and Founder of Recycled Pets Rescue  
Since establishing Recycled Pets Rescue in 1987, thousands of dogs have passed through my hands. Most of them had been severely neglected before coming to me and required extensive care & grooming.
After going through numerous groomers and witnessing things such as; razor burns that became infected, seeing groomers hitting dogs over the head with clippers and even crate pans, dogs passing out from heat exhaustion when left in crate dryers to long. Even  the death of one of my own dogs when a groomer left him in a tub and briefly went home- needless to say I was gun shy to ever let another groomer touch any of my dogs. All of these groomers were well liked by their clients and put up a good front when dealing with them.
I learned how to groom and resorted to adding that to my list of responsibilities needed to maintain my rescue.
When I moved to Camano Island I had neighbors tell me about Moira and I phoned her. We spoke for about an hour and I was willing to meet her and let her meet my special needs dogs. When Moira walked through my front door, it felt like a reunion with a long lost best friend. My much abused dogs (one who is normally horrified of strangers) all seemed to agree with me and would not leave her alone. Moira spent more time on the floor with them than any groomer I have ever known and was in no rush to do anything more than love on them.
As hesitant as I had been in the past to let anyone ever again groom any of my dogs, I found myself begging her to do so. Rarely does any job meet my expectations, but the job Moira did exceeded any grooming job I had ever seen. More importantly, my dogs that traumatize easily, were wagging their tails and as happy as I had ever seen them after a grooming.

Because of the traumatic pasts of the dogs in my care, I am very discerning with everything and everyone I expose them to. Moira is the ONLY person I will now let watch them and I’m almost embarrassed to say that I think my “fur-kids” like her more than me! She has been a God send and I feel blessed to have found her!


Mryl Jones

Sadie Mae’s Mom
Camano Island Resident
  1. Very professional and caring.
  2. Very Good job of clipping Sadie with all of her many warts.
  3. So thankful that you come to the house.
  4. Sadie & I love you.

Jim & Ellen Biggerstaff

Sassee’s Dad & Mom
Camano Island Residence 
  Our dog Sassee is a Shih-Tzu /Lhasa-Apso.  Moira is the only groomer she has had because she is so loving, compassionate and talented. When Moira comes to the door, Sassee is so happy to see her.She is always prompt, and because she is mobile, it is so much more convenient for us. Plus it makes our happy little “girl” even happier when she pulls up.   

Pat Colvard

Boo’s Mom
Camano Island Resident 
 I know when my dog is being groomed she is in the caring hands of someone who loves her clients.