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Massaging bath using high quality Emu oil Shampoo

***see information below

Fully hand blown dry

"Hoodies" used as added annoyance protection, caused by noisy and windy dryers.

Ears Flushed

Paw tidy- removal of hair in pads and between toes.

Surrounding hair on paw cut back for tidier appearance and cleaner enviroment.

Nails trimmed- cut or dremeled - dependant on dogs temperament 

Sanitary trim

Anal glands upon request

Hair cut/styled  to breed standard or personal preference of owner

Bows and cologne upon request 


Services will incur a minimum $30.00 Travel Charge per visit

Prices are quotes only, prices will be dependant on size of animal and coat condition 

Pricing dependant on type of style required

Full coat, pet coat, puppy cut, continential clip, shavedowns, etc  




Beagle, Frenchie, Boston,  $65

Yorkie, Shih-tzu, Chihuahua $75

Pomerianian, Maltese, Cairn $85

Doberman, Rottie, Pit Bull, Bull dog  $95

Mastiff, Great Dane, Bloodhound $100

Westies,Schnauzer, Sheltie, Mini Poodle $125

 Labs, Aussies, Corgis, Small Goldens $145

Standard Poodle, Bouvier, Porti, Airedale $160

 Heavy coated Goldens and Doodle mixes $175-200

Shepard, Husky $175

Collies, Samoyed, Malamute $200

St Bernard, Great Pyraneese, Newfoundland  250+ 


Additional Services

Nail Clipping

Dogs  $15.00

Nail Filing $20.00

***Appointments made for nail clipping alone has a min $30.00 charge and will be scheduled during a time I am in your service area.

Tooth brushing/ Breath freshener $5.00

Dematting $10 per 1/4 hour additional (15 min Limit)

Flea & Tick shampoo $10.00 each pet.

Pets with difficult personalities are an additional $10 per hour

Area I'm currently serving-

Camano Island

Smokey Point
Warm Beach
 and surrounding areas

Zone 1- Arlington 98223, Silvana 98287

  Zone2- Stanwood, Warm Beach 98292 Additional $5.00

 Zone 3 Camano Island 98282 Additional $10.00

Zone 4- Marysville 98270,98271, 98259 Conway 98238 Additional $15.00





I proudly use High Cascade 4in1 Shampoo & Conditioner. It contains the benefits of safe and natural insect repellents and germ protection. The natural blend of Ceder, Citronella, Patchouli and, Eucalyptus oils can protect your animals from fleas & ticks for up to 7 days. Safe and gentle enough for sensitive skin types and young animals. Emu Oil is added to produce a soft, shiny "Show Quality" coat with every bath, helps soothe and heal irritated skin and, protects natural oils of the skin and coat. Ideal for use on all pets and Detergent-free!

Located in Oregon, High Cascade Premier Enterprises Ltd. markets emu oil produced only from American grown emus.

Uses and Benefits of Emu Oil

About Emu Oil
As you may know, vitamin E oil and other essential oils work well to soothe and heal the skin. But what if there was something that moisturizes damaged, dry skin even better than these products-and helps to heal and protect the skin, too? Let us introduce you to emu oil!

What is Emu Oil?
Emu oil is a completely safe, 100% natural moisturizer and pain reliever. Emu oil is used in skin care and beauty products for the body, skin, nails, and hair; in pet products to reduce itchy skin from fleabites and to make a dull coat shine. Most importantly, emu oil can be used alone or combined with other ingredients to relieve pain. Emu oil contains no steroids or hormones, and is known for its normalizing abilities-it can slow down an over-performing body function or speed up one that is not performing well enough.


Emu oil can:
penetrate through and condition multiple layers of skin
reduce swelling and muscle soreness
heal burns, wounds, injuries, minor cuts and scratches
prevent and reduce scarring by enhancing the skin's growth activity
improve condition and rate of growth of hair, skin and nails
soothe discomfort from sunburns, insect bites, acne, eczema and rashes
help skin to withstand colder climates.


Characteristics of emu oil:
a low irritant
non-comedogenic (will not clog pores).
low irritating potential
enhances growth of skin
stimulates hair follicles to proliferate and grow
has a natural SPF that enhances sunscreens
can be taken orally, ingested and injected


How does Emu Oil work?
Emu oil works better than other natural oils for several reasons:

1. Emu oil is almost 100% triglyceride lipid. Triglycerides (a type of fatty compound) are abundant in human skin lipids, meaning that the composition of fatty acids in human skin is very similar to that of emu oil. This makes the absorption of emu oil into human skin faster and more effective.

2. It is high in oleic acid, which increases its ability to carry compounds through the skin.

3. It does not contain phospholipids, which make absorption more difficult. This absence of phospholipids makes emu oil highly penetrating and allows it to absorb through the skin more easily.